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Five of the Best Apps for Winter Driving


Traffic Alerts and GPS Tracker

Traffic Alerts and GPS Tracker

Avoiding built up areas when you're low on fuel, finding that isolated petrol station, and sticking to roads that are passable are essentials all year round, let alone in the winter. You could use Google Maps, but Traffic Alerts and GPS Tracker is a dedicated app which uses Google Maps and displays traffic information in a more intuitive way for motorists. For this reason it's highly recommended in the winter.

Free and easy to use, Traffic Alerts and GPS Tracker can be used anywhere and will pinpoint your location. It will then find you the least congested routes to travel through, using accurate data that Google generates. It's a fantastic app that works well, although it is completely reliant on your network connection. For this reason, it's wise to always know where roughly you are and to use physical maps if you can - it also helps to tell other people where you are going and which route you are going to take... if that fails, reading the stars is always an option. A compass might come in handy too. 

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