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Five of the Best Apps for Winter Driving


The Survival Podcast

The Survival Podcast

Who are you going to listen to when things go horribly wrong this winter? Hopefully not your imaginary friend, who will urge you to step outside and walk for miles - in deep snow - for sanctuary.... sanctuary which is a long, long way away.

No, what you need is The Survival Podcast. Featuring content from The Survival Podcast, Survive! is your daily guide to living a better life. Learn about self-sufficient living, with instructional videos and daily podcasts featuring topics such as home gardening and permaculture, personal finance, firearms, food storage, and much more. Although there's nothing specifically about driving with this app, it's a great app for learning ways to cook things without traditional preparation and making the most of what you have. Above all else, this app is going to help you to realise you're not alone!

If it all gets a bit boring, or if help is on the way, be sure to download a digital radio app such as TuneIn.

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