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Five of the Best Carnauba Waxes


Collinite Marque d'Elegance

Collinite Marque d'Elegance

Price: Around £30 for 345 ml.

If extreme durability is what you want in a carnauba wax, there are very few that can challenge Collinite Marque d'Elegance. This is a cost-effective car wax that offers an impressive six months worth of protection from just a single application. This makes it perfect as a winter wax - some users have reported that they've gone a whole year with just one application!

Although Collinite might not be the first word in car detailing, the Marque d'Elegance product actually offers an impressive finish. It lacks the glass-like and wet-look shine of an easy to apply summer wax, but it is perfectly respectable, and a small trade off for season-round protection in my opinion.

Marque d'Elegance is the best wax Collinite currently produce. If it's a little too expensive for you, there is a Collinite Super Double Coat Wax that offers six month protection but not as impressive a finish. 

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