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Five of the Best Drivers Cars for under £25k New


Ford Fiesta ST2 Mountune

Ford Fiesta ST2 Mountune

Price: £18,594 on-the-road

This is the best car money can buy for under £25k, if fun is what you're after.

The standard Ford Fiesta ST2 features a 1.6-litre T EcoBoost engine that produces 197 bhp and 214 lb /ft of torque from just 1900 rpm, which makes the ST good for a 0 - 62 mph in 6.9 seconds.  But, for just £599, Ford will up the power to 212 bhp and 236 lb /ft with their Mountune package. This drops the 0 - 62 mph time down to 6.4 seconds, and it transforms the ST into a genuinely fast and competition smashing car.

From the moment you start this car up it puts a smile on your face. The alloy wheels, the body kit, the sports seats - they all give a huge sense of drama and you just know that the ST Mountune is going to be a riot to drive. And that it is. First and second gear in this car have incredible pull and the mid-range is like a high capacity diesel engine only with a gorgeous sound track.

Show this car some corners and it comes to life even more. The Fiesta ST has unlimited levels of grip, and the only under steer you will find is when you push the car beyond your own ability level. The steering is unbelievably sharp and with all of that torque available low down in the rev range, the Mountune pulls itself out of corners like a hot hatch should. The 6-speed manual gearbox is also a joy to use, and it's what I believe all hot hatches should come with as standard - none of that DSG nonsense.

The ST2 Mountune makes the most boring of roads bearable. It also has the ability to shame much more expensive pieces of kit. Despite this, the ST2 Mountune will return 48 miles per gallon and because it's a Ford Fiesta, it has a decent sized boot, plenty of storage compartments, and a turning circle designed for the supermarket car park. 

The Fiesta ST2 Mountune isn't just the best drivers car for under £25k then. It's the best car you can buy for under £25k full stop.

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