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Five of the Best Pretty but Slow Classic Sports Cars


MG Midget

MG Midget

Is the MG Midget a British icon? If you chat to anybody who owned one in the 1960's and 1970's, they'd probably say yes. The more modern generation? Not so much. The MG Midget was one of the most affordable ways that you could have fun on four wheels 'back in the day', with lively handling and a ridiculous tendency to over steer. The 1979 model (our favourite) would go from 0 - 60 mph in 14.3 seconds and it would complete a quarter mile run 30.3 seconds, crossing the line at 70 mph. That's slow. So slow, in fact, that towards the end of its production run, there were awful SUV's that could outpace it in a straight line.

Despite this, the MG Midget has plenty of character and it also looks very pretty, with a friendly face, straight lines and the dimensions of a modern Vauxhall Corsa. Bargain hunters seeking a classic car that doesn't cost the earth can pick up a reasonable midget for around £5k. Older 1960's models in very good condition can be had for around 7k, whilst minters cost upwards of £12k. Just remember not to anger the Midget fan club - they're a fiery bunch.

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