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Five of the Best Pretty but Slow Classic Sports Cars


Berkeley Sports

Berkeley Sports

Produced in 1958, the Berkeley Sports gets the medal for being the slowest car on our list today. It took a ridiculous 30.6 (yes, thirty point six­) seconds to go from 0 - 50 (yes, naught to fifty) mph which is so unbelievably slow, that if you close your eyes and try to imagine that form of slowness, your mind would more than likely melt. It had a 0.32-litre two-stroke two-cylinder engine with 18 bhp and it pumped blue smoke out of its exhaust like no other car on the planet. This car was produced to offer the British public an affordable sports car. There was not anything sporty about it.

The Berkeley Sports saving grace is the way it looks. It's very pretty. Nay, undeniably pretty. In many ways, we don't care that it's one of the slowest sports cars ever made, we'd still have one just for the way it looks. Sadly, they are impossible to find, and are extremely rare. Maybe because nobody bought them?

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