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Five of the Best Rally Cars of All Time


Ford Escort RS1800

Ford Escort RS1800

The Ford Escort RS1800 was one of the best rally cars of the '70s, gaining respect internationally after becoming the Champion of the World Cup of Rally in 1970 under Hannu Mikkola and this car also went on to win the driver's championship in 1979 under Ari Vatanen.

The RS1800 had a fuel injected 1790 cc Cosworth BDE engine with a five-speed ZF gearbox and five-link suspension setup. It went on to win plenty of races under Hannu Mikkola, Ari Vatanen, Bjorn Waldebard, and Russell Brookes, and it has become one of the most iconic rally cars of all time - this isn't the most successful rally car of all time, nor the quickest of all time, but it's a fantastic example of Ford's first steps in rallying where they struggled to make headway until the 2006 season when Marcus Grönholm and Mikko Hirvonen won the title for Ford in Ford Focus RS WRC 06.

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