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Five of the Best Route Planners


TomTom Routes

TomTom Routes

In second place is TomTom Routes, a powerful and accurate route planner with a good interface.

TomTom Routes uses the same reliable maps and traffic information that TomTom uses in its hugely popular satellite navigation systems, which means you can be confident that the route you are given is an intelligent one. The web-based TomTom Routes is best used for beating traffic jams because it has huge ability at detecting the slightest congestion - this will be useful for when leaving work.

This traffic-centric route planner also lists traffic information within a 10-mile radius so any detour can be well planned. The only downside to TomTom Routes is that it doesn't offer much in way of routes - it basically picks one based on traffic information and sticks to it. If you're on the move, this might be a problem... so we recommend consulting our first place route planner for trickier trips. 

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