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Five of the Best Route Planners


Google Maps

Google Maps

It should come as no surprise that the best route planner out there is Google Maps.

Google Maps has been in development for over five years now and it's always improving. Right now it has it all, with an intuitive user interface and an accurate list of traffic-sensitive directions. If you're accessing Google Maps on a mobile device with mobile data, you will also be able to get turn-by-turn directions, something which many other route planners do not offer.

The beauty of Google Maps is its usability. It's incredibly simple to find and load and it's super-easy to input an address to. When you have your directions, all you need to do is print out the map and follow it when you're driving, just like drivers used to do with hand-planned maps. You can also share and embed maps on social media.

Usefully, Google Maps gives you a rough time estimate for a trip without traffic and lists the total distance. Google Maps also gives you alternative routes and can be used by people walking, cycling, and using public transport. You can also toggle between 'map' and 'earth' views. This tool is also fully linked with Google Street View, a unique tool that lets you literally see streets as they are. Google Maps also accesses your current location to give you the option to explore local areas.

Overall, Google Maps is the best route planner out there. The fact that it's free is a win-win. 

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