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Five of the Best TV Shows for Car Enthusiasts


WheelerDealers on Discovery


In WheelerDealers, Mike Brewer and Edd China buy and restore iconic cars then sell them for a profit (which is similar to our fourth entrant). Set in the UK in contrast to our fourth place entrant, which is headed up in the US, WheelerDealers is enjoying its tenth series and has become one of the most watched automotive programs on the Discovery Channel. Series 1 - 6 had 30 minute episodes but from series 7 onwards, the show was extended to 60 minutes due to popular demand.

The series format is as such - in the first series, the team had a £1,000 budget, the second a £2,000 budget, the third series a £3,000 budget. Not allowed to go beyond this, the team were tasked with buying an old wreck of a car and restoring it to its former glory. 

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