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Five of the Best TV Shows for Car Enthusiasts


Fifth Gear on Discovery

Fifth Gear

Fifth Gear is the best car television program in the UK in terms of reviews and information. It has been on television since 2002, which is the same amount of time as Top Gear in its new format.  The show is currently presented by Tiff Needell, Vicki Butler-Henderson, Jason Plato and Jonny Smith. Back when Fifth Gear was first launched, Top Gear had been cancelled a year earlier, and the show wanted to carry on with the Top Gear name, but the BBC refused. As such, Fifth Gear was born, and the BBC's newly formatted Top Gear came out the very same year. Due to this, Fifth Gear and Top Gear are considered rivals, although Top Gear has far greater viewer numbers. Still, Tiff Needell is a far greater driver than Jeremy Clarkson...

The best thing about Fifth Gear has always been the shows head to heads. The Renault Clio 182 vs. the Honda Civic Type R is a memorable one. There are lots of clips on YouTube of these head to heads to get you in the mood.

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