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Five of the best ways to lower your insurance


Choose your car wisely 

Choose your car wisely

If you have a car right now and are unable/ unwilling to get rid of it, this point doesn't apply to you. If however you are looking around for a new car, choosing your car wisely can make the world of difference with regard to car insurance premiums.

When looking for a car that will cost little to insure, the basic rule of thumb is to avoid big engines and to avoid really expensive/ desirable machines. You see, the value of the car and the amount of power it has are the biggest determining factors when calculating the cost of car insurance, along with make/model and desirability. Another way to choose a car that won't cost much to insure, other than shopping around and ticking the small engine/ low power/cheap-to-buy boxes, is to look up insurance groups.

Car insurance groups range from 1 - 50. In insurance group 1 you will find city cars like the Skoda Citigo and Citroen C1 - in other words, low-cost and not very desirable machines. In group 50 you will find cars like the Audi A8 4.2L TDI and Jaguar F-Type (all models). If you are a young driver, a car that sits in insurance groups 1 - 12 should be fairly reasonable to insure. If you have 3 years no claims, a car that sits in insurance groups 1 - 20 will be reasonable to insure. 

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