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Five of the Most Essential Things for a Long Trip


A fresh mind

A fresh mind

Studies suggest that it's just as dangerous to drive tired as it is drunk. The AA recommends that motorists don't drive for more than 8 hours a day, take regular fifteen minute breaks in journeys over three hours, stop in a safe place if feeling sleepy, plan journeys, and avoid heavy meals.

We recommend you get a good night's sleep before taking a long trip and if at all tired before the journey, seriously consider if you need to take it at that time. A power nap might do you the world of good and freshen your mind for the road. If you're not up to it physically or mentally, you might consider having your partner or another able driver drive for you... just get them insured.

If you get stuck in traffic and your journey stretches for more than 8 hours, book into a hotel and sleep.

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