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Five of the Most Essential Things for a Long Trip


High-energy foods

High-energy foods

And we're not talking about a sneaky Mars Bar, either. We're talking about organic food, such as fruits and vegetables, whole brains, beans, and leafy greens - the good stuff. Pack a salad/ picnic and take it easy to get the most out of these foods which will ensure you're not drained. A good option for food if you are in a rush/ don't want a lot of fuss, are breakfast bars, which can be packed beforehand or picked up at service stations / petrol stations.

Water is also essential, which you need to stay hydrated. We say avoid Red Bull and other energy drinks, for these are loaded with sugar and caffeine, which will pick you up for half an hour and then have you crash into a frustrated, agitated mess behind the wheel. Keep things natural and enjoy the trip. 

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