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Five of the Most Essential Things for a Long Trip


A car with cruise control

A car with cruise control

We can't overstate the benefit of cruise control for long trips. In fact, it's so good, that we wonder how people managed years ago without it. Think about it - your right foot is going to potentially be in the same position for hundreds and hundreds of miles. Your leg will get tired, and you will find yourself shuffling in your seat to try and get some fresh blood to it. Nothing will relieve the nagging feeling of your leg going dead, except cruise control - which gifts you with the ability to move your legs freely.

The Volkswagen Golf now comes standard with a fantastic feature called Adaptive Cruise Control, which uses sensors to judge the road ahead and brake for you. So for motorway driving, you don't have to brake, within reason of course - it's not designed to replace the human behind the wheel.

Of course, if you're the owner of a car without cruise control, you can dream. Or you can rent a car with cruise control for your trip... use a price comparison website for the best deal and travel in comfort. 

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