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Five of the Most Essential Things for a Long Trip


A big flask

A big flask

A flask is a multi-purpose tool... it'll hold your hot coffee and tea, or any cold drink, but it will also serve a much more relieving function - you can pee into it. If you're a man, you will know what we mean when we say it's the most uncomfortable feeling in the world when you're driving and you need to pee, knowing full well that you have a penis that can do it anywhere... but by doing so, you run the risk of being spotted by a policeman who will fine you on the spot. And when it comes to peeing into a plastic bottle... yeah, it doesn't end well.

With a flask, you can pull over, and pee in comfort on the backseat of your car out of the view of everybody. Ladies will be out of luck, unless they're willing to use a pee wee... just remember not to drink from the flask again, unless you're stranded in the arctic and you're close to death. 

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