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Five of the Most Essential Things for a Long Trip




On a long trip, you can never have enough music. There are days when the radio stations - even the many stations on DAB radio - fail to deliver music suitable for driving, at which point you're going to wish you had a stash of your own... if not to replace the crap on the radio, then to drown out the conversations your other half is creating to make the ride more bearable. Or the children. Or both.

CDs are great - they'll deliver a quality sound. But in today's media-drive age, streaming music is much more desirable. For this, your car and your smartphone/ MP3 player needs Bluetooth. If your car does not have Bluetooth, you can use a 3.5mm - 3.5mm headphone jack, or a 3.5mm Bluetooth dongle accessory, providing your car has auxiliary input. 

Next you will need a music library. If you have an iPhone, then you will have a local library on iTunes, but if you have an Android handset, we highly recommend Google Play Music All Access. You can stream as much music as you like from this service for £9.99 per month and create a library of offline music. There is also a one-month free trial - which is good enough for your long trip!

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