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Five of the Most Exciting Concept Drives of 2014


Toyota i-Road

Toyota i-Road

The Toyota i-Road isn't a car. It's a scooter. Or at least that's how it will be classed in the UK. Tall and exceptionally slim, it looks like no other car or scooter in the world right now. So what's the deal with it? Well Toyota is developing this car / scooter because they believe that the maneuverability of a motorbike along with the economy and stability of a family car is what motorists will be looking for in the future. Whilst we're not sure about that (and who are we to argue with Toyota?), a test drive conducted by The Verge earlier this year at CES 2014 found that the Toyota i-Road is a very interesting concept indeed.

It's powered by a pair of electric motors which feed power to the front wheels. It will have 28 mph top speed (in Japan, that rises to 37 mph) and it only has a 30 mile range. It also takes three hours to recharge. Not very good then, is it? Well, because this is only a concept, it can be forgiven for its poor top speed, range, and charge time for now. What's most interesting about this concept is the formula itself because there is definitely a market for small, electric-powered vehicles which offer greater stability than a two-wheeled scooter. The addition of a roof and side windows is neat too. 

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