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Five of the Most Expensive Cars in the World


Lamborghini Veneno - £3 million

Lamborghini Veneno

Top of our list of the most expensive cars in the world is the superb looking Lamborghini Veneno. Only three hardtop and nine soft top versions of this car have ever been made and Lamborghini has no plans to make any more - this make the Veneno the rarest new Lamborghini in the world, along with the most expensive.

Veneno means poison in Spanish, and if you put your foot down in this thing you're going to feel like you have been. It's powered by a naturally aspirated V12 engine that hammers out 750 bhp. It's good for 0 - 62 mph in 2.8 seconds and a top speed way in excess of 200 mph. What makes this car so special though is not how fast it is (because there are faster cars on our list), but the way the Veneno looks. Frankly, it's gorgeous, and way prettier than any Gallardo or Aventador. But then again it should be because it costs £3 million, or $4.4 million if you're in the US.

Because of its rarity the Veneno will go up in price too. It might not have the lines to make it a classic, but you can be sure that it's going to be the poster car of choice for children for years to come.

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