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Five of the Most Stunning Lamborghini Concepts


Lamborghini Pregunta

Lamborghini Pregunta

The Lamborghini Pregunta was never a serious car because Lamborghini never had any intention to produce it. It was, however, a test car for rear-wheel-drive. Unveiled at the 1998 Paris Motor Show, this car took journalists by surprise because it had a design like no other concept ever created. It had the same 530 bhp V12 from the Lamborghini Diablo but unlike the Diablo, this had rear-wheel-drive and was therefore lighter. It could hit a standing kilometre in under 20 seconds, according to Lamborghini, which is devilishly quick by today's supercar standards.

Interestingly, the Pregunta made use of two half roofs that meant the driver or passenger could have a roof up or down if they wanted. This would be particularly useful for those who don't want to get sun burn in the Italian mountains. Alas, like all the other greats on our list, the Pregunta never came to be a real car. Thankfully, it has sealed its place in history on our list. 

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