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Five of the Most Stunning Lamborghini Concepts


Lamborghini Raptor

Lamborghini Raptor

The Lamborghini Raptor is in fact the Zagato Raptor, a concept car design created in 1996 by Zagato in collaboration with Lamborghini. The Raptor was the first Lamborghini concept to have a double bubble roof and it looked stunning, with the whole mid section of the car being able to be lifted like a bonnet to get at internals and the driving seat.

The Raptor was most interesting because it had no doors. You could only get to the driver or passenger seat by lifting the entire middle of the car - windscreen and all - which was designed to be as easy to use as a regular door. The Raptor was powered by the Diablo's 500 bhp V12 although it lacked ABS, traction control, and a host of other safety features to make it one brutal machine. At the time, this was also the Lamborghini which had the most carbon fibre in its build. This made it light and more fuel efficient than the Diablo.

The Raptor never made it to production because it wouldn't have sold well. Apparently, people want regular doors on their supercars. 

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