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GTA V: The 5 Fastest Cars in the Game


Bullet by Vapid

Bullet by Vapid

The Bullet by Vapid is, quite literally, a bullet. In a straight line that is. Inspired by the gorgeous Ford GT the Bullet is deceptively quick and will send the eyeballs of Michael, Trevor or Franklin in to the back of their heads. It also sounds meaty. In a straight line we reckon' that this is easily one of the fastest cars in the game. It's a little hesitant upon initial throttle but once you're in third gear it ploughs forward like a Ford GT inspired car should. The only downside? This car has one of the twitchiest back ends in the whole game. Okay, so our driving might suck, but it's too easy to lose the back end of this car if you ask us. Still, we wouldn't say no.

So there we have it, our 5 choices for the fastest cars in GTA V. There are other fast cars too - the Lamborghini inspired Vacca by Pagassi almost made this list, so if you disagree with anything, be sure to let us know. Or don't. Either way we're still going to go on a destruction spree tonight.

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