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Corvette engine fail after 891 miles

Corvette engine fail after 891 miles

Not many of us have the privilege of purchasing a brand new, $78,000 sports car, but for those that do, the last thing you’d expect to happen is for your engine to blow before you even hit the 1000 mile mark.

However for one unfortunate chap, that was exactly the case. Corvette Forum user ‘Lawdogg149’ had his stunning 2015 Corvette Z06 blow it’s heart out while he went for a drive to help the engine get through its run-in period. Happily however, GM decided to take charge of the situation and said they’d replace the engine under warranty.

Whether the engine blew due to a manufacturer fault or if the gentlemen put his foot down one too many times while breaking the car in will likely forever be a mystery! I know what I think!

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