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Top 5 Modern Mercedes (over the past 30 years)


Mercedes-Benz 190E Cosworth

190E Cosworth

The Mercedes-Benz 190E Cosworth, a lot like the CLK GTR, was initially developed as a race car - albeit for rallying. However, due to changes which permitted AWD cars to take to the stage, the Mercedes-Benz 190E Cosworth was outgunned. Therefore it became a road car, and what a monumental success it was. The 2.5-litre 16-valve engine produced 204 bhp. It is debated amongst petrol heads as to whether Cosworth actually developed the 2.5-litre engine - something Mercedes have not confirmed - however on some engines there are stamps that indicate Cosworth developed it. Whatever the case, the 190E Cosworth was a fast 4 door saloon that today commands a hefty price tag. It's also absolutely stunning, and the 2.5-litre model is far rarer than the 2.3-litre version it replaced.

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