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Top 5 Modern Mercedes (over the past 30 years)


Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR


The Mercedes CLK GTR was initially launched as a full on race car, and due to FIA regulations, Mercedes was forced to build 25 road versions of the CLK GTR. In 1997 an initial road car was built, before the remaining 25 were built by AMG. Produced from 1998 - 1999, two prototypes were made and 35 CLK GTR's were produced in total. What makes the CLK GTR so great is the way it looks; it's simply awesome! Mercedes wanted to stick to the race going CLK GTR and offer road users a real racing car that they could use every day. As such, nothing on the exterior was toned down, and the huge rear spoiler and huge wheel arches remained. Also, Mercedes saw fit to offer nothing in way of luxury or ride comfort, working on the basis of a true road going race car. Originally the engine within the CLK GTR was a 6.0 V12 however road going versions got a 6.9-litre V12 producing 604 bhp and 572 lb/ft of torque. The Mercedes CLK GTR was the most expensive production car money could buy from 1998 - 1999.

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