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Volkswagen Golf R MK6

Volkswagen Golf R MK6

Until a MK7 Golf R comes out the hottest golf money can buy is the VW Golf R MK6. It is, in our opinion, the best looking VW Golf ever produced. Golf R models are higher up the hierarchy than GTI models and are separated by power and drive; all Golf R's feature 4Motion all-wheel drive (which is essentially Audi's Quattro system). The MK6 features a 2.0-litre TSI engine that produces 267 bhp and 260 lb /ft of torque. The next generation Golf R is expected to feature 298 bhp and 300 lb /ft, placing it firmly in the firing line of the Astra VXR and above the Focus ST. Whereas the GTI is a great all rounder, the Golf R has always been more expensive to own; a Golf R MK6 new will cost you over £30k and to insure you can expect a hefty premium. This makes it the most desirable of all Golf's. We say buy one, drive through a McDonald's car park at 2 in the morning, and watch all of the little boy racers drool. Be sure to play really loud bass ridden music too, just for effect.

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